Top tips for hiring a bar

Top tips for hiring a bar

Tips for hiring a bar

With so many bar hire options available it can be difficult to know where to start! We’ve been doing this for a long time; so we thought that we’d share three simple tips for hiring a bar that should help you to narrow down your options and get the perfect bar for your event.

Think about guest numbers

360° Circular Bar from Barrel & Cask - Tips for hiring a barYou might like the look of a particular bar unit or layout, but you’ll need to consider practicality as well as aesthetics. If your bar’s too small guests will end up queuing for drinks, the amount of storage will be limited too; the last thing you’ll want is to run out of alcohol!
Similarly, if your bar is too large then you’ll not only end up spending more money than you need but you’ll be taking up extra space within your venue too. If your event is in a marquee you may end up having to pay extra to extend the marquee space to accommodate the bar. In a small venue you’ll simply lose space and crowd your guests.
For larger parties, over one hundred guests, you might want to consider hiring a circular bar. This way you’ll maximise service space and your guests won’t feel crowded. There are some fantastic circular and 360° bars available.
A good bar supplier, such as Barrel & Cask, will be able to advise on the size and layout of bar that is perfect for your event, venue and guest numbers.

Consider where you’ll position the bar

You’ll want to create a great vibe at your event so think carefully about where you’ll put your bar. Take a look at your venue and try to spot spaces where you think the bar will work best. Don’t break up the party – try to keep the bar as close to the dancefloor as possible; guests love to dance and they don’t want to have to take a long walk to get refreshments.
Also, bars tend to be the place to hang out and socialise. If your bar is too far from the dancefloor you’ll end up creating separate socialising spaces and you’ll risk breaking up the atmosphere at your party or event.

Think about the style of bar that best suits your event

Tips for hiring a barThere are lots of different bar styles to choose from, they’re all great but they don’t all work for every event type. A funky LED bar might be perfect for a 21st birthday party or an Ibiza themed summer event but it probably won’t work for a very classically styled, traditional wedding reception.
Consider how the bar will be used. If you are staffing the bar then you’ll need to make sure that the unit that you hire is fully functional with all of the facilities that bar staff will require; think sinks, bottle openers, a back bar and plenty of shelving and storage space.
If you’re guests will use the bar to serve themselves then you’ll still want plenty of storage space. Make sure there’s room for fridges and ice bins too.

Contact us for advice on your perfect bar

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