360° Circular Bar

360° Circular Bar

Our adaptable, modular 360° Circular Bar is a perfect focal point for your event. Available as a complete 360° circular centrepiece, a 180° semi-circular bar or even as a 90° corner piece, this bar is a real show-stopper!

Each 90° segment is supplied with an ice sink, a light oak work surface for your bar staff and plenty of built in storage and shelving space.

Our team of in-house experts carefully designed the Circular Bar, crafting it from Oak wood, following an enquiry from a client who was unable to find a suitable Circular Bar elsewhere.

The Circular bar and all of its modular sections are fully brandable and can be wrapped to create a variety of visual effects and styles for different events.

The Circular Bar has previously been wrapped for use as a Christmas Bar, a Caribbean Bar and a Halloween Bar – just let us know your theme and our graphic design team will take it from there!

Each Circular Bar segment is 4ft high, 2ft deep and 1.6 metres long with a 45° angle.  Each segment can be hired separately and a popular option -where space may be an issue, or where two separate bar areas are required- is to create two individual semi-circular bar units.

We also supply a large variety of additional bar equipment to compliment our 360° bars.